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   In 2015. The specialists of the NPD sevkazenergoprom LLP; started design development for replacement have reached the limit of the technical state of the turbo generator No. 6 type T-100/120-130-3 station No. 6 and turbogenerator TVF-120-2. Instead of outdated equipment, it is proposed to install an upgraded installation consisting of upgraded steam turbine T on the existing Foundation-120/130-130-PR2 of CJSC Ural turbine plant and the turbine generator with air cooling of TF-125-2U3 of production of NPO ELSIB. Thus, the power of the new installation is increased to 120 mW, while maintaining the overall dimensions.

   In the course of inspection of precast concrete Foundation of the turbine, identified unacceptable defects of the upper structure of the Foundation that arose during its installation and operation. In addition, when performing static and dynamic verification calculations of the existing Foundation, it was found that the old Foundation does not provide a stable dynamic state under the influence of the rotating magnetic field of the generator at a given oscillation frequency of 100 Hz. Calculations of the Foundation were carried out in conjunction with the engineering center of the company "GERB Engineering Gmb", Germany. Based on the results of the calculations, the decision about the replacement of the top structure.

   In order to familiarize with experience of implementing projects in the field of reconstruction and modernization of the bases, the team of specialists of CJSC "Ural turbine plant", Ekaterinburg, NPO "ELSIB" in Novosibirsk and of the NPD sevkazenergoprom LLP; visited a number of facilities in power plants in Germany that have implemented technical solutions by technology company "GERB Schwingungsisolierugen GmbH & Co. KG".

   After consideration of various options for the reconstruction of the Foundation, the implementation of a fundamentally new version of the reconstruction of the Foundation of the turbine unit, which consists in the dismantling of precast concrete made of the upper die of the Foundation and a partial cut of the Foundation columns, 500-800mm down from the lower surface of the upper die. In order to preserve the columns and the bottom plate of the Foundation, which are in a satisfactory condition, the specialists of the engineering center "GERB Engineering Gmb" proposed to isolate the remaining parts of the Foundation from the increased dynamic effects, by installing vibration isolating elements between the new upper structure and the columns.

   Special spring blocks (vibration isolators) and vibration dampers (dampers) are installed on the trimmed columns. On these vibration isolators and dampers, instead of the dismantled upper reinforced concrete die, a metal welded structure (welded frame) simulating the die should be installed, on which, in turn, the Foundation frames of the upgraded turbine and the Foundation plates of the new generator should be installed.

   The calculation of the structure of the upper structure, made entirely of metal, made by the engineering Bureau "GERB Engineering Gmb". Dynamic and structural analysis of the Foundation is performed in the software complex "NASTRAN" on the basis of finite element method. The analysis model created by using "SOFTWARE", systems, finite element modeling and postprocessing production "Siemens PLM Software GmbH". Determination of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of oscillations in the dynamic analysis is made using a specialized calculation complex of the company "LANCZOS Modal Extraction".



   In order to unify and simplify the technology of equipment installation, the design and principle of fastening of factory Foundation frames and plates are preserved. Foundation frames and plates are attached to the upper die of the Foundation, made of reinforced concrete, including filling the internal cavities of the Foundation frames and adjacent cavities of the welded frame instead of concrete of a certain fraction, a special solution based on epoxy resins (manufactured by "BASF").

   The final decision in favor of using a welded steel frame as a top die instead of a reinforced concrete structure is to reduce the time of the Foundation reconstruction cycle. Thus, the downtime of the turbine unit is reduced, since the welded frame or its separate parts are made outside the Foundation and outside the station. Their production time does not increase the total downtime of the turbine unit due to the reconstruction of the Foundation.

   According to the program of reconstruction, the output of the turbine in repair is scheduled for may 2018., when the estimated period of construction 9 months.

   The work was carried out in 3 stages, the first two of which are preparatory:

   1st stage-production of elements of the metal upper structure at the plant of metal structures (part of the KMD and execution of works performed by the plant of metal structures: LLP "SAEM-ZMK" Pavlodar) – duration 3 months.

     2nd stage-integration Assembly of elements on site-duration 2 months (saem-Pavlodar LLP»),

   Stage 3 replacement of the turbine unit and the upper structure.

Actually work on the replacement of turbine unit at the facility commenced in may 2018 and be completed in November 2018., the duration of the work amounted to 7 months.

06.11.2018, turbine included in the network.

Special congratulations to the specialists and employees involved in this project with the successful completion of the work!

Porshnev V. A. – General Director NPF "SEVKAZENERGO»

Skopin S. V. - Chief engineer of the project, too NPF "SEVKAZENERGO»

D. A. Nazarov - head of the project is LLP "Art Design Construction Company", the official dealer of "GERB Schwingungsisolierugen GmbH & Co. KG" in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Bernd Kirmse-project Manager of GERB Schwingungsisolierungen GmbH & Co. KG

Sebastian Cotardo - chief designer, author of the project, engineering center "GERB Engineering Gmbh»

Chirikov, V. A. – Chief engineer of NPO "ELSIB»

Gol'dberg A. A. - Chief specialist of vocational SKBT CJSC "Ural turbine plant»