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The NPD sevkazenergoprom LLP; completed development of the project of construction of supporting infrastructure Primorskaya TPP of the Russian Federation, Kaliningrad.

The project of construction of Primorskaya TPP of the Russian Federation, Kaliningrad, svetlovskiy urban district, is being developed by order of the company "Kaliningrad generating", General designer - JSC "Cotes". NPF SEVKAZENERGOPROM LLP, projects of a warehouse of reserve fuel (fuel oil) and the block of station treatment facilities are developed.

Pulverized coal power plant with installed capacity of 195 MW. The station includes three steam power plants with a unit capacity of 65 MW. This is one of the four stations that should be built according to the program of ensuring the operation of the power system of the region in an isolated mode. Three more stations - in Kaliningrad, Sovetsk and Gusev - will be gas. The project will diversify the fuel balance of the Kaliningrad power system to reduce energy technology dependence on natural gas supplies.