Address: г. Павлодар, ул. Сураганова, дом 20/3, а/я 328
Pho: 8 (7182) 61-02-82

The company the NPF SEVKAZENERGOPROM LLP traces its history to 1977. For 37 years, we compile extensive experience in the field of design.

The main mission is to preserve the best traditions of a strong project-Engineer school. Politely keeping knowledge gained, we do not lag behind new Wayne time, continuing to move forward.

The team is a team of opt employees with a great stage and prospects of young employees. Combining the efforts of different poke makes it easy and efficient to work with the customer.

The company has long-term relationships with research institutes and saved-shots. The post is a member of the Association of Kazakhstan electronic.

NPF SEVKAZENERGOPROM LLP has a powerful potential for performance of the most difficult tasks at a projection of objects of power and the industry

Currently, the island team is more than 100 people.